What is beauty therapy

What a beauty therapist does?

Beauty therapists carry out treatments on clients’ faces and bodies. As a beauty therapist , you could provide a range of face and body treatments, including: facials – cleansing, massaging and toning the skin. manicures, pedicures and other nail treatments, like extensions and nail art.

Why is beauty therapy a good career?

Becoming a beauty therapist can be an extremely rewarding career . Alongside your knowledge and specialism in beauty treatments , you will be able to release your inner creative side, while also discovering new trends and skills.

What is the difference between a beauty therapist and a beautician?

And secondly, there is the perception amongst some that beauticians perform the most basic of beauty treatments such as facials, spray tanning, strip waxing and nails whereas beauty therapists can carry out all treatments including massage and facial and body electrical treatments. Waxing.

What skills do you need to be a beauty therapist?

You’ll need: customer service skills to put clients at ease. sensitivity and understanding towards your clients’ needs. the ability to work well with your hands for giving treatments. excellent verbal communication skills to explain treatments. to be thorough and pay attention to detail.

Is beauty a good career?

Beauty therapy has always been a successful industry. From offering nail art to facial treatments, there are many ways for women and men to look their best. Anyone completing beauty therapy courses is opening a whole new career in which they will be in demand.

How much do beauty therapists get paid?

The average pay for this occupation is around $33,800 per year. A Beauty Therapist salary varies depending on where you are located, and your level of current job experience.

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What are 3 reasons why you decided to get into the beauty industry?

Some of them are; You Become Self Employed. Schedule Flexible. Mobility. Meet New People. Enhances Your Creative Skills. Self -Fulfilling. You Make Money . An Opportunity To Help Others.

What is the best beauty qualification?

CIDESCO diploma

What’s the most popular beauty treatment?

These Are The Most Popular Beauty Treatments of 2019 Sugaring. Using a combination of sugar and water, this treatment offers a more natural alternative to traditional waxing . Lash Lifts . Like a perm for your lashes, this new treatment (known as LVL) sets the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution. Dermaplaning. Brow Lamination.

What is Level 4 Beauty Therapy?

The Level 4 Diploma course is one of the most comprehensive accredited qualifications available to the Medi-spa Sector, and will provide you with an extensive knowledge and understanding of the skin, its’ assessment and the remedial aesthetic practices used in the industry to develop and maintain skin health.

How many years does it take to become a beautician?

There are regional variations, but on average, the length of time to complete cosmetology training and licensing can be four to five years, not including high school. If you study part-time, it could take longer. During this time you will spend: Two years earning an associate degree. 5 дней назад

What does beauty therapy include?

Beauty therapists are experts in facial and body care and have a strong knowledge of skin biology and cosmetic chemistry. Typical services include facials, hair removal, massage, make-up, lash and brow treatments , manicures, pedicures, and other body treatments .

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How should a beauty therapist behave?

As well as having an outgoing and chatty personality, Beauty Therapists should also be: Self-motivated. Professional. Have a keen awareness of health and safety issues. Ability to create a calm environment where clients can relax. Good listener. Be able to treat client information with confidentiality.

What is the highest qualification in beauty therapy?

CIDESCO diploma

What makes a great beauty therapist?

But, just for the record, excellent customer service skills, a pleasant can-do personality, and the ability to be a good listener are all vitally important if you’re going to have a successful beauty therapy career.

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