Wedge cushion occupational therapy

What is a wedge cushion used for?

Wedge cushions are used to help prevent a wheelchair user from sliding forward in the chair (sacral sitting). The risks associated with sacral sitting include skin breakdown at the coccyx and thoracic regions, falls from the wheelchair, poor sitting tolerance, and loss of functional abilities.

What is a wedge cushion?

A wedge pillow is used to elevate the upper or lower body to help improve circulation, reduce snoring, and relieve pressure on sensitive areas. Wedge pillows are typically made of polyfoam or memory foam, with a triangular shape that stays in place better than standard pillows .

Can do sitting wedge?

The CanDo Sitting Wedge Active Seat Wobble Cushion for Posture, Back Pain, Stress Relief, Restlessness and Anxiety is an inflatable sitting and exercise wedge . Also, you can even burn up to 350 calories a day by employing active sitting at work, in the classroom, or at home.

What is a sensory cushion?

Occupational therapists sometimes suggest sensory seating for children who are constantly fidgeting in their seat. Wobble cushions , also called sensory cushions , fidget cushions , or movement cushions , are frequently available in schools. Sometimes there are wobble stools, ball chairs or one-legged chairs.

Is sleeping on a wedge bad for your back?

Back pain – propping the body up on a bed wedge removes pressure on the lumbar and cervical spine . It is good to note that the benefits are strongest when you sleep on your back . Lower back pain – if your pain is experienced only in the lumbar spine , try placing the bed wedge between the legs to provide support.

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Is sleeping on a wedge good for you?

Side sleepers who use a wedge pillow to sleep at an incline will also find relief for health issues like sleep apnea and acid reflux. Plus, using a wedge pillow for side sleep will offer greater support to your neck and shoulders, allowing your body to fall into the perfect neutral position.

Do you use a pillow with a wedge pillow?

You can use a wedge pillow while sleeping on your side or on your back without causing any tension in the head or neck. Most pillows on the market are elevated between 30 to 45 degrees, or six to eight inches at the top. Wedge pillows for acid reflux and GERD are sturdy and ergonomically designed.

What is the best pillow for sleep apnea?

Best Sleep Apnea Pillows Editor’s Pick – EnduriMed CPAP Pillow . Best for Side Sleepers – Contour CPAPMax 2.0 Pillow . Best for Back Sleepers – Coisum Back Sleeper Cervical Pillow. Best Wedge – Helix Wedge Pillow . Best Adjustable – Brooklyn Bedding Shredded Foam Pillow.

How do I choose a wedge pillow?

Who Should Use a Wedge Pillow ? Back sleepers: Wedge pillows with lower inclines (seven or eight inches) can be suitable for back sleepers who prefer to rest their head, neck, and shoulders at an angle. Side sleepers: Contoured wedge pillows are often shaped to follow the natural curvature of the spine.

What does a wobble cushion do?

Wobble cushions (sometimes called disc cushions or instability cushions ) are small round inflatable cushions , strong enough to sit or stand on. When sat on the inflated cushion creates instability (a wobble !) encouraging the user to engage their back and core muscles. The cushion can be used on a chair or on the floor.

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What is sensory processing disorder?

Sensory processing disorder is a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses. Formerly referred to as sensory integration dysfunction, it is not currently recognized as a distinct medical diagnosis.

What is a wobble chair?

106K subscribers. DISD’s Hexter Elementary has recently purchased dozens of Wobble Chairs for classroom use. The chair lets kids move around and get their wiggles out, which actually improves concentration.

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