Proton therapy adelaide

Is proton therapy available in Australia?

Currently, proton therapy is not available in Australia and patients need to travel overseas, with some Federal Government support available through the Medical Treatment Overseas Program.

What is the success rate of proton therapy?

After 3 years, 46% of patients in the proton therapy group and 49% of those in the traditional radiation therapy group were cancer free. Fifty-six percent of people who received proton therapy and 58% of those who received traditional radiation were still alive after 3 years.

Is Proton Therapy covered under Medicare?

Medicare generally covers proton beam therapy . Coverage varies by insurance company and disease type. Mayo Clinic specialists work with each patient and the health insurance company to determine if proton beam therapy is covered , if that is the recommended treatment.

Where can you get proton therapy?

Member Operating Centers Ackerman Cancer Center Proton Therapy Center. Beaumont Proton Therapy Center. California Protons Cancer Therapy Center. Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Proton Therapy Center / Proton Therapy at University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Emory Proton Therapy Center.

Who is a candidate for proton therapy?

Proton therapy is used to treat tumors in children and adults. Some types of cancer for which proton therapy might be recommended are breast, esophageal, eye, gastrointestinal, gynecological, head and neck , liver, lung, pancreas, prostate, spine, soft tissue, lymphoma, sarcomas and many pediatric cancers.

Is proton therapy painful?

Proton therapy does not cause pain , though some patients with physical limitations may experience some discomfort due to positioning. The actual treatment and delivery of the proton beams only takes a couple of minutes.

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Why is proton radiation therapy bad for you?

Proton therapy can cause side effects as the cancer cells die or when the energy from the proton beam damages healthy tissue.

Does insurance pay for proton therapy?

Does insurance cover proton therapy ? Proton therapy is covered in the United States by Medicare and many insurance providers.

Is proton therapy expensive?

Proton therapy costs range from about $30,000 to $120,000. In contrast, a course of treatment with radiosurgery costs about $8,000-$12,000, Heron said. IMRT (intensity-modulated radiation therapy ) costs about $15,000.

How long has proton therapy been around?

Proton therapy was FDA approved for use in the U.S. in 1988. Proton therapy has been around for almost 60 years ; tens of thousands of patients have been treated, reimbursed by Medicare and many other private insurers.

What cancers can be treated with proton therapy?

Which types of cancers can be treated with proton therapy? Proton therapy is most commonly used at MSK to treat head and neck cancer and pediatric cancers. We also are using it increasingly to treat spine tumors, breast cancer, sarcoma, brain tumors , and prostate cancer .

Is proton therapy better than radiation?

It directs proton beams at cancer cells with precision. Proton therapy appears to be safer and more effective than conventional radiation therapy , because it can deliver a high dose to a very specific area, with minimal impact on surrounding tissues.

Does proton therapy have side effects?

Like all treatments, proton therapy may produce unwanted side effects. These effects vary considerably from one patient to another. They depend on the dose (photons and protons) administered, the location of the treatment and the reactions of each patient. A special treatment is offered if such reactions occur.

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Does proton therapy cause erectile dysfunction?

Early data from a UF clinical study shows that young men treated with proton therapy for prostate cancer have few significant side effects in the first 18 months after treatment. Although erectile dysfunction after treatment can occur, complete impotence was rare and few were dissatisfied with their treatment choice.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover proton therapy?

“ Blue Cross Blue Shield covered proton therapy for prostate cancer until April of last year, and now, inexplicably, it will not,” Yonemoto said. “Physicians, not insurance companies, should be directing treatment plans for cancer patients.

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