Plant therapy essential oils australia

Where can I buy plant therapy essential oils in Australia?

Here at Essentially Oil ‘d Australia we are proud to be the Australian distributor of Plant Therapy Essential Oils . This range of Essential Oils are some of the highest quality on the market, pure, natural and safe for your family.

Is plant therapy a good essential oil brand?

Sharing is caring! Our family uses essential oils in our home every single day, and Plant Therapy is one of our favorite brands to use. They are high-quality and affordable, which makes them perfect for the grace-filled, natural homemaker!

Is plant therapy essential oils pure?

Plant Therapy Top 6 Organic Essential Oil Set – Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Tea Tree 100% Pure , USDA Organic, Natural Aromatherapy , Therapeutic Grade 10 mL (1/3 oz)

Is plant therapy essential oils therapeutic grade?

All of Plant Therapy’s oils are 100% pure, free from any additives, adulterants or dilutions. They are of the absolute highest quality and are ideal for use in aromatherapy . Any company can say their oils are therapeutic grade .

What is plant therapy called?

Horticultural therapy

Where are dusk candles made?


Is plant therapy better than doTerra?

Thus, if you are not stretched for money and you prefer a larger and trusted brand, choose doTerra essential oils . But if you want affordable quality essential oils from a family company, Plant Therapy will be the best option for you.

What brand of essential oils are pure?

The purest, safest oils for your body and your home. Plant Therapy . “This company has an expansive catalog of essential oils and oil blends that are specifically marketed as safe for kids.” Vitruvi . Revive. Eden’s Garden . Rocky Mountain Oils . Now Foods .

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Are plant therapy essential oils safe to ingest?

Essential oils should not be ingested . Plant Therapy does not recommend the general internal use of essential oils . They have the capacity to cause damage if ingested without the necessary expertise. We do have customers who choose to use our oils internally.

How do you know if an essential oil is pure?

Pure essential oils do not leave any residue on paper. The easiest way to spot if an essential oil is pure or fake would be to conduct a ring test on a white strip of paper. Typically, shops selling essential oils will carry scent strips for their customers to use when sniffing essential oils .

What essential oils are bad for dogs?

Many essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon, citrus, pennyroyal , peppermint, pine, sweet birch , wintergreen , and ylang ylang are toxic to pets. These are toxic whether they are applied to the skin OR used in diffusers.

What is plant therapy version of thieves?

4. Plant Therapy “Germ Fighter” Blend. This blend by Plant Therapy basically carries the name of what Thieves “does” anyways – it fights germs. Whether that’s germs from general household use or germs because you have a cold – it fights them all the same.

What is doTERRA equivalent to thieves?

doTerra On Guard Blend doTerra On Guard smells identical to the Young Living Thieves Blend. Even though one uses lemon and one uses orange you could never tell the difference. They both have the distinct cinnamon and clove smell.

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Why is doTERRA so expensive?

Another reason why doTERRA is more expensive is that their oils are much stronger and more effective. Many of their oils have been tested to be taken internally, which contributes to why they are one of the world’s largest distributors of oils. This also means that many of their oils are safe to take internally.

Can I use plant therapy during flower?

Do you recommend using your product during flowering ? You can use our product at any stage of growing up until the day of harvest.

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