Group therapy above and beyond

What time is group therapy above and beyond?

⏰ Tune in from 7pm GMT/2pm EDT/11am PDT on Above & Beyond ‘s YouTube or Twitch channel.

What does ABGT mean?

Above and Beyond Group Therapy Radio

Where will ABGT 400 be?

Above & Beyond’s ABGT 400 now available to rewatch in 4K But with the COVID-19 pandemic halting the planned ABGT 400 show in Mexico City this Autumn, the Anjunabeats giants had to think fast, and instead, broadcast a special 4-hour DJ set live from a boat on the River Thames in their native London.

Where is abgt400?

We know Mexico is more than capable of hosting an amazing show! The weather and location will be stunning, and there is a massive following within the country itself. Fans who have their hopes set on ABGT400 being in Mexico for the first time have many reasons to be hopeful!

How long is above and beyond concert?

between one and two hours

Where are above and beyond from?

London, United Kingdom

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