Constant therapy

Is constant therapy free?

Life-changing brain therapy for less than $1 a day Try your Constant Therapy program free for the first two weeks, then continue your progress with a subscription plan.

What does constant therapy cost?

Some healthcare organizations that use Constant Therapy include Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, the Stroke Comeback Center, and The MossRehab Aphasia Center. Patients and caregivers are also able to purchase an app subscription for $19.99 per month, $199.99 per year, or $299.99 for three years.

What is constant therapy app?

Constant Therapy is an award-winning speech therapy app designed to help people cope with aphasia, dementia and other speech, language and cognitive disorders caused by stroke or traumatic brain injuries.

Is there an app for stroke patients?

Constant Therapy is a cognitive and speech therapy app designed for individuals who are recovering from stroke , brain injury, and aphasia. The app is free for 15 days and then offers users the chance to continue with a monthly or annual subscription.

What is the best therapy for stroke?

An IV injection of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator ( tPA ) — also called alteplase (Activase) — is the gold standard treatment for ischemic stroke. An injection of tPA is usually given through a vein in the arm with the first three hours.

Can the brain repair itself after a stroke?

The initial recovery following stroke is most likely due to decreased swelling of brain tissue, removal of toxins from the brain , and improvement in the circulation of blood in the brain . Cells damaged, but not beyond repair , will begin to heal and function more normally.

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What is the best exercise after a stroke?

The guidelines recommend that stroke survivors engage in 20 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercise such as walking three to seven days per week. The exercise can be done in 10-minute intervals with the goal being at least 20 minutes per day.

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