Bowen therapy for animals

What is Bowen Therapy for dogs?

The Bowen therapy treatment is very gentle and involves a series of rolling-type movements over certain points in the muscles and tendons of your pet’s body. Most animals grow quite relaxed and will often sleep/rest after their treatment.

What does Bowen therapy help with?

Bowen Therapy is a holistic remedial technique that aims to treat the cause of joint pain, muscle issues, sports injuries, ongoing or intermittent pain.

Does Bowen therapy work?

As Bowen Therapy is an effective but gentle and non-invasive technique that works on the fascia, or soft connective tissues of the body, with therapists using light moves over of muscle, tendon or ligament without any forceful manipulation, it is not surprising that there is no documented evidence to show that Bowen

What is Bowen Therapy for horses?

What is the Bowen Technique ? The Bowen technique is a gentle remedial therapy which stimulates the body to rebalance itself and promotes healing, pain relief and recovery of energy.

How much does Bowen therapy cost?


Bowen Treatment $85.00
Pensioner $70.00
Student $60.00
Children (1-15yrs) $60.00
Babies $20.00

Is Bowen therapy quackery?

Some people refer to Bowen therapy as a type of massage. It isn’t a medical treatment, though. There’s minimal scientific research on its effectiveness, and its purported benefits are mainly anecdotal.

How long does Bowen Therapy take to work?

Initially two Bowen sessions are scheduled a week apart. Clients usually see significant improvement within these two sessions. Additional sessions are scheduled at least a week apart as needed, with most conditions resolving within 3-8 sessions.

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Does Bowen Therapy help nerve pain?

Bowen therapy has proven highly effective in treating sciatica as it is a form of physical therapy for sciatica treatment . Bowen’s form of physical therapy work to relax the nervous system as well as tense muscles, tendons and ligaments thereby allowing the pinched sciatic nerve to be released.

Does Bowen Therapy help arthritis?

Bowen Therapy can ‘t help rid you of arthritis , but is great for improving mobility and thus reduced pain. Bowen moves around the knees have reduced the pain for many, and regular maintenance treatments help people continue an active life.

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