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What is Bush adventure therapy?

Bush Adventure Therapy is a diverse field of practice combining adventure and outdoor environments with the intention to achieve therapeutic outcomes for those involved.

How does adventure therapy work?

Adventure therapy promotes rehabilitation, growth, development, and enhancement of an individual’s physical, social, and psychological wellbeing through the application of structured activities involving direct experience. Adventure therapy includes the use of activities supported by traditional therapy .

Why does wilderness therapy work?

As several researchers have noted, wilderness therapy programs help build success-oriented identities for clients by increasing self-concept, hope, internal locus of control, self-confidence, and improved interpersonal relationships and social skills. To be sure, wilderness programs have limitations.

Is wilderness therapy covered by insurance?

Wilderness Therapy is making significant headway in getting families insurance coverage . Now when families are pursuing insurance reimbursement, they can use this code, Outdoor/ Wilderness Behavioral Healthcare, Revenue Code: 1006, with their insurance company.

What does an adventure therapist do?

An adventure therapist is a multidisciplinary expert who uses their skills of counseling , psychology and the great outdoors to help clients overcome problems, deal with mental health problems and improve the quality of their lives.

How much does an adventure therapist make?

The salaries of Adventure Therapists in the US range from $28,020 to $119,811 , with a median salary of $84,452 . The middle 57% of Adventure Therapists makes between $84,452 and $95,280 , with the top 86% making $119,811 .

How much do wilderness therapy programs cost?

All Kinds of Therapy surveyed 28 different wilderness therapy programs in March of 2020 to find out the average cost per day. The wilderness programs operate in 14 different states and one other country. The average cost is currently $558.00 /per day and the average enrollment fee is $3194 .

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Are wilderness therapy camps effective?

Over 80% of parents contacted perceived wilderness therapy as effective . Over 90% of adolescents contacted perceived wilderness therapy as effective . Participants were also doing well in school. 86% were in high school or college, or had graduated from high school and were working.

How much do Wilderness therapists make?

As of Dec 10, 2020, the average annual pay for a Wilderness Therapist in the United States is $55,253 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $26.56 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,063/week or $4,604/month.

Should I send my kid to wilderness therapy?

There is no doubt that wilderness therapy programs can be beneficial to a teen going through a troubling chapter of their life. There is no need for shame or guilt in a parent that has made the decision to send a child into the woods. In the end, a child’s mental health is vitally important now and for their future.

Is the Anasazi Foundation Mormon?

The administration trusts and supports your decisions. This is a Mormon organization, which I was not told upon being hired. They say they are non denominational, but about 98% of the employees are devout Mormon .

What happens after wilderness therapy?

Life after wilderness therapy can feel very different. Students go from being unplugged and in a peaceful environment back to their lives. They are tossed back into the chaos of every day life with the temptations that once surrounded them before.

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