Turtle or the Hare

Slowly but surely I am making progress on the website. Of course, there’s still quite a bit to do but with each day three or four more articles are being converted. Once done, I will begin posting NEW articles left to me by father.

For any authors whose work is being shared – if you see anything in the formatting or publication that is wrong, please do not hesitate to let me know. When converting articles, I am running into problems of misspellings, strange gaffs with words that have apostrophes as well as erroneous page breaks. There was some poor formatting of articles on the previous site and I am hoping to correct much of what was lacking in style and content (if content was adversely affected by the parameters of the site).

Alive and Well in 2 Places

A shout out to James Goodheart and his small band of merry hypnotherapists. Through their attention and diligence, they rescued the original HTH website where I failed. Through their graciousness, they have taken it upon themselves to continue to share and uphold the teachings of my father by maintaining the original website.

As for the 2nd site – well, you’re reading this post from it. I will continue to transfer the original content, slowly but surely until it lives in a more progressive form. After all, my father did create his original website using FrontPage.

First Post!

My father’s old website – durbinhypnosis is no longer active. The red tape to securing that site is obnoxious. Therefore, this will be its new home.

As you can tell, the website is a work in progress but I am working to migrate all the content for his other site to this – paulguydurbin.com

Please spread the word.

Also, of note, my father left in my possession many unpublished articles that I will be posting regularly.