The HTH website stands as a testament to the life & work of Chaplain Paul G. Durbin.
May its contents guide, enrich and bless those who use them.
“Sharing tales of those we’ve lost is how we keep from really losing them.”
― Mitch Albom, 
For One More Day

The  foundation of my work in hypnotherapy is based on the human trinity, thus Human Trinity Hypnotherapy.
I believe each person is a trinity within him/herself – made up of body, mind and spirit. Though these three aspects of being are different, they are an integrated whole, whereby an individual cannot affect one area without having an effect on the other two. Accepting this theory of the human trinity, one understands life moves more smoothly when these three are working in harmony.   Hippocrates wrote “For this is the great error of our day that the physicians separate the soul from the body.”

Human Trinity Hypnotherapy

  • Chaplain (Brigadier General) United States Army: Retired 1989
  • Director of Pastoral Care & Clinical Hypnotherapy: Methodist Hospital, New Orleans, LA: Retired 2001
  • Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy: MHSF, Affiliated with Methodist Hospital: Retired June 30, 2005Human Trinity Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to help individuals overcome unwanted habits, improve self-confidence, enhance healing and release unnatural fears and phobias.